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At any stage in life, decisions about your future can feel complicated. The pace of change in all employment sectors and an uncertain economic outlook means that we need to develop career and enterprise skills that make the most of new opportunities. Working one-to-one, Career Studio can help develop a clearer picture of the future and support you to make decisions, successful job applications and move forward with confidence.

We offer pro-active career counselling services which provide personalised support to individuals who are at a career cross-road or require advice on steps to take for purposeful career progression or change. We want to find out what drives you and what makes you who you are; we want to help you to become the best version of yourself with the confidence to tackle any challenge that lies ahead.


Whether it is advice on career development; career change; career options analysis; job application support; interview preparation, confidence coaching or business start-up, Career Studio can offer you tailored support. Our experienced Careers Advisers strive to provide real industry insight and work with all ages from school leaver to senior executive. We will help you to look at your situation both creatively and objectively. You’ll get the inspiration; motivation and support you need to take stock, take action, make progress and feel great about your future.

Every year we engage with thousands of people in Scotland through the different parts of our business. We have learned that everybody’s circumstances are unique, and everyone has the potential to change and to flourish. No matter what the situation or challenges, progress can be made with expert assistance.

We support people of all ages:


Our Early Career Service is for young people aged 15-30

Our Mid-Career Service for people in mid-career aged 30-50

Our Late Career Service for people aged 50+


In-depth Early Career Counsellor Meetings

The meeting starts with a clear purpose and career development goals. Our experience is that a progressive approach which moves from career counselling towards career coaching is the most effective in defining and then making progress towards the goals. This process enables key themes to become success factors in supporting your career development. Key themes which may be important for you could be:

•             Sense of Purpose

•             Future mindedness & Emotional Engagement 

•             Attraction to Work & Careers

•             Ambitions, Goals & Motivations

•             Personal Leadership

•             Character Strengths & Self Awareness

•             Talent & Skill

•             Personal Enterprise & Creativity

•             Influences and Inspirations

•             Global to Local Labour Markets

•             Vocational, Further & Higher Education

•             People Environments & Relationships

•             Innovation and Change

•             Personal Psychology & World View

•             Performance Improvement

•             Networks and Resources

•             Managing transitions

Ask about further information, rates and availability


Technical Early Career Consultancy Meetings

Technical meetings are focussed on specific career development activities, specific career skills or specific career circumstances. You can expect your Career Studio advisor to be well researched, thoughtful and experienced as we support you towards high performance and wise decision making. 

•             Job Applications

•             Interview and Presentations Preparation

•             Setbacks & Career Recovery

•             Personal, Physical or Mental Issues

•             Reviewing Career Strategies

•             Negotiation

•             Decision Making

•             Business Planning

•             Objective analysis

•             Background research support

•             Working Relationships

•             Advanced study

•             Specialist advice

•             Employment, HR & Legal

•             Qualification and accreditation advice

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Gift Certificates

Career Studio gift certificates may be purchased in advance for family members or loved ones and can be used at any time within 12 months from date of purchase. Ask about further information, rates and availability.


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