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Career Studio's Digital Media team were commissioned by QA to design the walls for their Manchester and Slough head offices. The brief was to design wall murals which reflected the teams and their aspirations and showed the journey the business had been on, with photos and infographics, using clean designs that would inspire those who worked in the offices and those who visited. We recommended for the main wall to be covered with a timeline format infographic - showing the progress of the business over a 5-year period - which tied in with a video that we produced for QA of the same idea. 

We were provided with various photos and images to design into inspiring and creative formats. Our team produced several designs which were then printed on vinyl and applied directly to the walls, covering them edge-to-edge with an impressive design that fitted the offices well.

The wall designs exhibit dynamism and optimism of the company with the distinct corporate colours of blue and white for clear visual identity. The layout is clean, with clear segregation of the meeting area, meeting rooms and office wall area.

The main idea of the wall murals was to inspire the employees and frame the experience for those who visit, with a meticulously abstract site-specific narration. As a result, the wall murals turn into spectacular pieces making direct connections to their surroundings.

When creating these murals our goal was to embed and blend the experience of working for the company into a living working space.


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