Teaching Character Through the Curriculum Publication.

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Career Studio's Digital Media team were commissioned to design the 'Teaching Character Through the Curriculum' publication for the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. The publication demonstrates how character might be taught through 14 secondary school curriculum subjects, providing learning and teaching activities for in the classroom. The aim was to get a higher recognition of character education in the classroom among teachers and educators.

The brief was simple: make this publication worth reading and keeping. As a leading centre for character education, the Jubilee Centre's publication had to be designed to represent the centre's character-centric, forward-thinking direction.

Our Solution
In contrast to the prior print publications of the Jubilee Centre, the Teaching Character publication is displayed with more space, bigger images, a clear structure and a strong use of colour and type.

Strong typography is used throughout the publication for clearer readability and accompanied by high-quality photography to balance out content and layout. The leading intro spreads were also given an interesting twist by using a combination of overflow headers and sectioned content to keep interest to the eye with the information presented there.

The publication utilises a clean and elegant layout in favour of the high-quality photos and is divided into different sections relative to the 14 curriculum subjects. These sections are richly illustrated with imagery of young people in different learning environments.

Additionally, a series of layouts were created to open each section and to echo the building blocks of character education, with a combination of blocks and shapes derived from a certain point of view. The design helps explore character education, with these ideas and intentions being neatly realised throughout the publication. The first edition was limited to 1000 copies, however due to the success of how well it was received, several hundred more copies have since been ordered and a new follow-up publication - to be designed by Career Studio - is now underway.

Teaching Character Through the Curriculum full publication. 

Teaching Character Through the Curriculum publication.
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